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A Simple Way To Get Discounts

A simple way to get discounts is to just ask for it. A good reason for a shop to give a discount is they can sell more. "three for the price of one", is well known all over the world.

As a single buyer in a shop you can simply ask what the discount will be if you buy two instead of one item. When that question is answered you can always ask : "good, and when I buy even more items. What will be the price then"? you probably have to overcome your nerve the first time you ask for a discount in a shop. But you would be surprised what results you can get from just asking. To ask for a discount will become more common to you when you have some success.

In a lot of countries around the world it is a way of live to bargain and ask for a discount. In some countries you even will gain respect when you bargain well about the price of goods. You can also form a group of buyers.

With this group you can ask for discount when you all want to buy the same kind of item. If you want to buy an item and you don't need or can afford to buy more than one. For instance a washing machine. You don't need more than one washing machines. You can ask for people who also need a washing machine and form a group.

The group will need more washing machines. The group will have buying power to ask for a discount. Choose your best man to bargain and only he will be in contact with the seller.

A very easy way to receive discount is to subscribe to an organization that will do the work for you. This organization will bring together large groups of people to get real buying power. With this buying power they will receive discounts at shops, Hotels, airplane tickets, etc.

etc. The more people subscribe to the organization, the more buying power they have, the more shops will join, the more discounts will be given away, the more people who want to subscribe to the organization. If it is well organized, it can have a snowball effect. One organization that brings together large groups of people is the Discount Home Shopping Club. This DHS Club has already real buying power because they work worldwide. All around the world people join to get discount at over 5000 international companies.

And The DHS Club is just beginning. Founder and CEO of the DHS Club Dick Burke : "I believe that 2008 is going to be our break out year! We have spent the past ten years laying the foundation and building the infrastructure and systems to make the biggest quantum leap in DHS Club history. This is it! 2008 is the year! Lord willing (and I believe that He is!), we will be able to offer the absolute, best business and consumer opportunities available in the world!" By the way their membership is free. It can't get more simple than this to get discount. Remember if you buy something just ask for a discount. It can't hurt you.

You would be surprised how many discount you can get. For the people who don't dare to ask. Just join a group or organization with real buying power.

Good discount hunting!.

Visit http://www.discountshopping.nu for a great Discount Shopping Mall which offers numerous discount possibilities and connects retailers and consumers online. Start your own Internet Business Today or visit the Dutch version Kopen met Korting.


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