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Hollywood's Fascination with the Comic Book Superhero
by Dave Gieber

Movie production companies and TV have been creating feature length movies, movie serials and TV shows for years exploiting the public fascination with Superheroes. But as special effect technology and costume designs became better and better, Hollywood kicked it up a notch with feature-length...

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For the Movie Watcher Who Can’t Get Enough
by Scott Foreman

You love movies. That’s obvious or you wouldn’t be here. You’ve got a good system where you can watch your movies. That’s also obvious. Now comes the fun part, what do you watch? Because you’ve seen so many movies, the local movie rental store may not be giving you a decent supply of films...

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Mel Gibson's 'The Passion' Movie Review
by Lady Camelot

Numbing, captivating, sorrowful, beautiful, profound, phenomenal and humbling - are just a few words to describe Mel Gibson's "The Passion." The last 12 hours of Jesus' life has never been so realistically and dramatically depicted. The scenes, although graphic are compelling and true-to-life.

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