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MOVIE ARTICLES - Online Movie Rentals

For the Movie Watcher Who Can’t Get Enough
by Scott Foreman

You love movies. That’s obvious or you wouldn’t be here. You’ve got a good system where you can watch your movies. That’s also obvious. Now comes the fun part, what do you watch? Because you’ve seen so many movies, the local movie rental store may not be giving you a decent supply of films.

Besides, who wants to drive to the movie store, pick through the (possibly) meager selection, wait in line, drive home, and still be saddled with late fees because you didn’t want to do that all over again in a few days?

In steps the online movie rental site. No driving, no late fees, and a selection to die for. Plus, for a flat fee you rent what you want as often as you want. There’s no doubt that for the busy (or lazy), online movie rentals are the way to see every movie on your ‘must see’ list.

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with online movie rentals, here’s a brief summary. For a monthly fee, you can rent a certain number (many times, unlimited) of movies per month. You can only have a few DVDs out at any one time, but as soon as you send one back, the company will automatically send you the next movie on your preference list. Almost always, there are no late fees. You can hold the movies as long as you want, but realize that you don’t get new movies until you return the old ones.

Here are some of the most common questions (and their answers) concerning online movie rentals.

How do I pick movies? The DVD movie rental website will list all of their available DVDs to rent. When you open an account, you set up a preference list of 10-50 titles that you would like to see. Setting up the preference list allows the movie rental company to know what to send you next, without having to check with you every time. If the first selection on your preference list isn’t available, you’ll receive the highest DVD on the list that is available.

What do I pay for shipping? All of the companies that I have reviewed pay the postage to send you the movies. Likewise, they all send a return envelope so that you can return the DVD without having to pay for postage.

How long before the movies arrive? Each company has a different policy. Depending on where you are located in relation to one of the company’s distribution centers, the shipping can take anywhere from 1 to 6 days.

How long can I keep the movies? The simple answer is, as long as you want. That’s the beauty of online DVD movie rental. Whenever you return a movie, the company will automatically send you the next movie on your list. As noted before, while there are no return deadlines, for as long as you keep a movie, you’ll never get a replacement for that movie. Likewise, because you pay a flat monthly fee, the more often you exchange one movie for another, the higher the value of the service.

As you can see there are a number of advantages to using an online rental service. With monthly plans starting at just over $10, you’re sure to find a deal that fits your budget.

Just to recap, online movie rental services might be for you if: -You rent more than 3 or 4 movies per month. -You tend to rack up late fees for your DVD rentals. -You are looking for movies that your local rental store doesn’t carry. -You can plan ahead just a bit in order to get the movies you want at the right time. -You’re too busy or lazy to drive to the local rental store.

Now that you’ve got the basics of online DVD rentals, make sure you check out the list of the best rental sites online.

See our list, plus more frequently asked questions at: http://www.home-movie-theater-guide.com/DVD-movie-rental.html

In the mean time here's wishing you success, fun, and happiness in doing that which you love.

Scott Foreman mailto:scott@home-movie-theater-guide.com

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