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Hollywood's Fascination with the Comic Book Superhero
by Dave Gieber

Movie production companies and TV have been creating feature length movies, movie serials and TV shows for years exploiting the public fascination with Superheroes. But as special effect technology and costume designs became better and better, Hollywood kicked it up a notch with feature-length high budget productions. Superman, the Movie and the 3 sequels started in the 1970s and the '90s and beyond brought us Batman, The Hulk, the X-Men and the now infamous Spider-Man, to name a few.

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2004 Poor for Movies
by Ryan Parsons

Here is a case in point- 2004 was a strange, if not bad, year for movies. Now, I'm not talking about the quality of films, they were probably right on par. But, Hollywood has been growing scared. Scared to create films that fall away from standard conventions and afraid to try films that may tilt a couple heads or raise a few brows. If it wasn't for a few HUGE films in 2004, including some that distributors were afraid of, everybody may have felt that Hollywood was losing us. However, it seems that Hollywood is willing to turn a cheek and come stronger than it ever has this century [never mind Lord of the Rings] with the bringing in of 2005.

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For the Movie Watcher Who Can’t Get Enough
by Scott Foreman

You love movies. That’s obvious or you wouldn’t be here. You’ve got a good system where you can watch your movies. That’s also obvious. Now comes the fun part, what do you watch? Because you’ve seen so many movies, the local movie rental store may not be giving you a decent supply of films.

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Las Vegas & The Movies
by Iulia Pascanu

Sunny Las Vegas hosted hundreds of movies or movie-scenes. Some of them got the Oscar. Others got lost on the way. But Vegas surely remains a classic attraction for film-makers since the glory of the Rat Pack days. To be completely fair, the early 60's weren't really the first screen action days in Las Vegas. Frank Sinatra's first movie, Las Vegas Nights was set back in 1941. However, the Rat Pack Days are always a good point to start.

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Enlightening Cinema
by Jed McKenna

This isn't a movie review list and it's not comprehensive. It's just some notes about a few movies I think are useful for the purposes of awakening and why, or that aren't and why not. With tools of understanding, bad is often better than good.

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