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Do Women Belong In The Military Or Combat

The following is a collection of third party opinions regarding men and women in the military: "I've always disagreed with the policy of allowing females in the military. If they get paid the same as me (same rank) then they should have their butts on the front lines, just like me. As a female Army/USAR vet. I'm proud of what you've accomplished so far and I wish you all the best as you continue your military career!" "I've always disagreed with allowing opinionated pig head males who have tunnel vision, to lead us in defense. Such as the case, I served 26 years, retired as Command Sergeant Major, Missile Electronics/Logistics.

I have 6 combat stripes, 2 purple hearts, and I could go on and on. I have been on the front line. I've have been shot, patched up and sent back. If they get paid, they should be able to do the same job as the rest of us.

Women strive for equal rights so make it equal. And they should be able to be drafted also." "I've always disagreed with letting stupid people walk the face of the earth unsupervised - you can't always get what you want. Not all males are on the "front line" either - so the ones that aren't combat arms shouldn't be allowed to join the military?" "Who needs combat support? If you're not infantry or combat arms guess according to Mr. Wonderful here the military doesn't need you.

Is there really such a thing as a "front line" anymore? The fighting seems to be everywhere, or could happen anywhere. It's not just us and them on a battlefield anymore. Supply transports full of support staff get attacked. Women are already at the "front lines" in Iraq, they are "everywhere" doing their job." "I got stuck serving as a Medic with an MP battalion in Baghdad (again, is this considered "Front Line"?); and I have to say that the women that where in that outfit bled the same as the men. Though I will add my "two-cents" and be sexist and say this: If we made units of solely women, they all would be in "sync" certain times each month; and god help anyone confronted by that! I have known some dang fine ladies during my time in the Marine Corps, and during my time afterwards, with the National Guard and Army Reserve.

These ladies earned their right to serve." "When a woman joins the military during wartime, she gives something away. She gives her soft, feminine, gentleness away. When a man (joins) becomes a hairdresser in an upscale salon, he gives something away. He gives his rough-hewn masculinity, his killing-edge away. To us men, women smell intoxicating, even when sweating; we are aroused just by the shape of their neck, legs, etc.

Such attraction, at the ready so to speak, while we serve during wartime, has a disastrous effect on our ability to concentrate, to be the machines we are trained to be." "We try like heck to ignore the real differences between women and men. but it cannot be ignored. Wartime demands we win for our nation.

In that process, we should not ask our fighting machines to be sideswiped by what is natural. If there is no difference between males and females, why is it women only give birth to children? Why is it so many women soldiers in Iraq have claimed being raped? When we ignore the obvious and many subtle differences between the fairer sex and us men, we do so at our nation's peril." "Now more than ever we need women not only in the services but in combat. We need more female Generals. We need to let them into Special Forces, SEALS, Marine Recon, and Ranger Battalions. Than and only then can we become the greatest nation on earth.

Only than can we win every time in war. Give our men a break from all the death. Let our women be free and equal.".

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