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How To Choose Easy Wedding Favors

Have you ever wished that wedding favors could be easier or that you did not have to pay a professional for help? Using the tips in this article, you can learn a few ideas you could do without spending an arm and a leg. Often wedding favors are left until the last minute, even though they are one of the easiest things you have to take care of. Doing it this way creates stress that could have been avoided with a little bit of planning.

Stress is one thing you do not need more of right now! Here are a 4 ideas for easy wedding favors that should get you off the hook in advance if you plan ahead. Candy is easy to offer as a gift, and there is many different ways you can give it out. You can fill a basket with it and put it on the table as a centerpiece. You could od the same thing and use a large bowl or tin bucket as a decoration. Then put bags on the table with instructions for each guest to fill their own bag. This is an easy way to set up quickly and give your guests something they would enjoy.

Flowers make great gifts because you do not need to order them very far in advance and there is not a lot prep time needed either. Roses are easy and they match most wedding themes of love. Using a single rose is easy to set up and you can have a family member or friend lay one for each guest on each table after they are set up.

How about offering a cd of your wedding as a gift to each guest? You can create personalized cd covers and include your names and the theme of your special day. You can even include your guests name to really personalize their own copy. They are easy to get ready in advance, and then you can burn CDs during the reception and give them out to people as they leave. Modern technology is a wonderful ally if you have a notebook computer that let's you burn cd's. Pictures frames are a very easy wedding favor to give and you can personalize them by having your photographer take photos of each guest.

Then hand them out at your wedding reception. He should have a digital printer and be prepared to print off the pictures in the size of the frame you are handing out. When you do it this way you do not have to spend time wrapping each picture frame which will free up some of your time.

And each guest will get a guest that they can take home with them and look at over and over. Each time they do they will be reminded of your thoughtful gift. As you can see, the problem of finding easy wedding favors does not have to be difficult. Just budget some of your time to get prepared in advance and you can make this task enjoyable and stress free. Hopefully one of these 4 ideas will work for you and for your guests.

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