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How to Combine Work and Homeschool

It is said to be a myth that home schooling is easier and simpler than traditional schooling. Compared to traditional schooling, home schooling requires more attention and hard work from the student as well as the parent. The child needs to be under fairly constant surveillance and vigilance to ensure that the studies are not being neglected. Working individuals have a tough time juggling home and work. Hence, many quit jobs and concentrate wholly on the childs home schooling, while others divide their work and the care of their kids between themselves and their spouse.

For instance, both husband and wife can take up jobs so that each can be at home to be with their child at different times of the day, or week. In order to find time for both schooling and work, one needs to schedule and manage time. The following are some suggestions you could follow to simplify work and homeschooling requirements Organize work If you are working on a part time job or have an independent business you can organize the day according to the study timings of the child. Since you have opted for home schooling, it is your duty to pay ample attention towards your childs education. Allocate time for classes according to scheduled timings, which you can work out with your child.

If you are working on an independent basis or work from home, avoid taking up work during class timings. Keep your phones on voice mail informing callers that you are busy with the childs studies. If the child feels ignored and neglected because of constant intervention from your work, he or she may lose interest in studies. Schedule school timings Schedule the timings for the studies according to the subjects.

Things like reading aloud and poetry reading can be done during the evening or even be shifted to bedtime. This way the teaching can be done on a casual level, without being too stressful, and with the children bonding with the parents. Manage Expenses Set aside a certain amount for the schooling expenses. Even if you dont have to spend on the uniforms, commuting, and educational fees, there are still other expenses like the books and stationary, learning aids etc, which have to be bought from time to time.

Recreation- outdoor trips Working individuals have to make sure that home schooling is not limited to theoretical studies. The students need to get practical knowledge about certain subjects. Like in the case of learning about animals and birds, one could organize a field trip to a zoo. This will not only prove to be an educational outing but will also be a fun trip. Stressing too much on study can make it boring and discouraging to the student. Lastly, if there is also a toddler at home, parents should hire a baby sitter so that the toddlers needs do not encroach during the class time of the older child.

The baby sitter can also be handy when you have to rush for an important meeting and there is no one to look after the kids. Children above 10 years of age need to be given special attention as what they learn has an impact on their education in the long run. All said and done, if the parents are not able to manage both work and home, it is always advisable to choose what is best for the child. Getting your priorities right simplifies the process, and the child is not deprived of its essential education.

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