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Russian girls Who do they dream of

Beautiful, sexy, gentle, romantic, caring, kind and intelligent. This is all about Russian women. More to it they are friendly and humourous, lively, cheerful, and at the same time reliable and serious. They are loving and will always support their spouse whatever happens.

In joys and sorrows - this is what they truly believe in. By their personality, Russian girls are tender and at the same time they are diligent, strong and hard-working, especially, when they do something for their family and people they love. All in all, feminism hasn't spoiled the Slavonic women. They are mostly family focused and traditionally, they obtain the knowledge of keeping a happy family nest from their grandmothers. Those clever old-ladies teach their granddaughters how to be kind, loving and caring with their future husband and children.

From their grannies lovely girls discover the mysteries of cooking, sewing, knitting and house-holding. Since the girls are very little they hear their grandmothers' narrating Russian national fairy-tales. And those old and kind folktales mostly teach the morals and show the attitude of a Russian beauty to her man. If we are talking about Russian women living in Kazakhstan, it's very important to mention that here, in this Central Asian country, the ladies with Russian background are influenced by the Eastern culture.

This fact, makes them even more alluring for westerners, so as it occurs as a perfect chance for them to find the greatest love and create a happy family life. When chosing a spouse it's not important for a Russian girl whether he's rich, handsome or clever. In most of the plots, she just falls in love with him only because he saved her from danger. Then, she will be ready to make any sacrifices for the sake of her beloved.

Most of the other folktales narrate about the importance to stay inside the house all the time, as it is the only safe place where the future life can be regulated. People know that these stories can teach children a lot of useful things. Because all the information that kids percept from their adult relatives stay in their minds forever. Russian lady is as beautiful inside as outside.

Her outer beauty reflect her wonderful inner world. She lives imagining the moment when she'll finally reunite with her promised. And, since all Russian girls are quite superstitious, they believe that joy should be gained through some sufferings. So, they wait for a miracle to happen in their life and wait for the moment, when they could be happy in love. Even though, sometimes some of the girls start getting fussy. This thing happens to them because it is well known, that the population majority in most of the Russian-speaking countries is the females, when for example, in the United States the male population is dominating.

As it was mentioned above the Oriental culture has an impact on Russian girls. Thus, all of them living here combine only best things from both cultures in their personality. One of the some agency's Russian brides, in her letter to the American fiance says that she, being a Russian woman has learnt from her Eastern girlfriends how to be patient and docile with the men. And the foreigners, who already have their Russian wives, are endlessly happy and are pretty much enjoying their choice.

They say it was an absolutely perfect option for them to meet and marry their spouses. Those joyful husbands describe their sweethearts as nice, honest, not spoiled and more sincere. They are amazed by the fact that Russian women are fearless in showing their feminine side. The girls from Kazakhstan are happy that they were born there.

Especially those, who live in its biggest and most populated city of Almaty. Local Russian ladies claim this place gave them a great chance to become unique by their personality. They're still dreaming about a perfect life-long marriage, creating a happy family and providing a good life for their children. However, it is also worth mentioning that the Russian girls are more intellectual and active than their Eastern girlfriends. They are rather independent and open, what gives them a great opportunity to be successful both in their personal life and in their carrier. One thing that is clear and unchangeable and it's about everyone's desire for a perfect love relationship and a wish to find a real soul mate that will stay beside forever.

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