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Star Trek In Flames – No Phoenix In Sight
by Joshua Tyler

As a recovering Trekker, I miss good space science fiction in the theater. I’d hoped Chronicles of Riddick might be some sort of revival of it at the movies, but apparently I’m the only one who doesn’t hate it. Before that, the trailers for Star Trek: Nemesis hinted that it might be at last something different, but as it turns out Berman left most of the Enterprise crew back at space dock. Seriously, did you see the movie? It’s like they spent the entire budget on CGI sets and didn’t have enough money to hire extras to look like they were running the ship. I’m running out of places to turn.

In fact, I’m kind of in a place where I believe it’s time for Star Trek to simply go away for awhile. I’d thought Paramount agreed last week when news leaked out that they were firmly committed to halting all future Star Trek projects for a couple of years. But that worm Berman couldn’t leave it alone, and has since squirmed his way into the ears of Paramount execs and convinced them to give him another shot with the pretty well sunk franchise. What form that chance will take is anyone’s guess, but with Berman at the helm you can be sure it’ll suck. At best it’ll be just another horrible movie, at worst it’ll make somehow manage to make some money and keep Rick “The Federation Con Man” Berman in charge. Not that any of this is a revelation. It’s all been said a hundred times before.

Actually, I’m not truly sure why I’ve bothered writing this. I’ve no new insight to offer on the matter, I simply needed to vent. I loved Star Trek and Rick Berman hates me. Barring Star Trek, some other good space adventures sure would be nice. WB killed the Babylon 5 movie, so forget about that. Without Tom Cruise on board or his lower level equivalent they don’t want to risk it. Imagine if that attitude had been taken when the idea for Star Trek: The Motion Picture was presented. It’s ridiculous that a B5 movie based on a successful franchise with hordes of fans, cannot get made using the original cast when in a few months a movie based on a cancelled TV show will be. I suppose my only hope now is Firefly… but let’s get realistic. No matter how good that movie is, it’ll never make back it’s budget and it isn’t going to revitalize the space-sci-fi genre. It needs a Lord of the Rings to bring it back or a Star Wars that doesn’t feel like a toy line advertisement. Either of those things happening is a long shot, so I guess I’d better hit the bookstore and cozy up with some Heinlein. Maybe when this superhero craze burns out there’ll be room for movies to return to outer space.

About the Author
Joshua Tyler is the Owner and Creator of CinemaBlend.com, a movie news and review resource updated daily and available for paid syndication.