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Major Scale Patterns For Improvisation On The Guitar Fretboard - Guitar improvisation is a necessary facet of guitar playing as it will help you to master the various scales of lead guitar and allows you to play solo with ease.

The Greatest Music Composer of all Times - A quick introduction about one of the best Violin composers of all the times.

The Vibrating Sounds Of The Vibraphone Keyboard - The vibraphone is a percussion instrument that is played by striking the bars with a mallet.

Toronto Origins of One of the Great Cities of the World - The cosmopolitan Canadian city of Toronto now has a population of more than three million and the most ethnically diverse culture in the world.

Do Women Belong In The Military Or Combat - This article is a collection of third party opinions about women being in the military, and the opinion of men about it.

A PC Happy Christmas New Year - Festive greetings to everyone in a 'politically correct' manner.

Does she like me or not - Gestures are always accompanying our words and express our feelings.

Top myths about the Former Soviet countries - For some people these myths may seem a bit far fetched and even funny, believe it or not, there are still those who ask such questions (the last statement is based on personal experience).

Russian girls Who do they dream of - Most of the western men, acquainted with Russian culture, consider Russian Bride as the best for marriage and family.

How To Choose Easy Wedding Favors - Have you ever wished that wedding favors could be easier or that you did not have to pay a professional for help? Using the tips in this article, you can learn a few ideas you could do without spending an arm and a leg.

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